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IMPORTANT: The schools are sharing sensitive information with us. Please keep it confidential by ensuring that you only discuss it with colleagues.

Please download and read the Judge Training Deck: This document contains helpful guidelines for scoring each section of your assigned applications, as well as a helpful glossary of terms towards the end of the deck. Download HERE.


Step 1: Review your assigned PDF applications below.

  • We suggest reading through all of our applications first to familiarize yourself with the questions that have been asked and see the differences in the quality of submissions.
  • NOTE: In section A the first set of scores refers to student achievement in reading while the second set of scores pertain to student achievement in writing.

Step 2: Click on “Rubric” beside the application to fill in the form.

Think about the application holistically and in relation to the other applications you have been assigned. Are there discrepancies between the scores you’re giving? Use the following questions below to take in the full picture of each grant application:

  • Is there a comprehensive/thoughtful description about who the students are?
  • Are educators being thoughtful about what they will do with the money?
  • Are they portraying the emphasis of literacy and how this grant will support literacy in their school?
  • Are there deep thoughts on the potential impact on literacy across the school?

You will be able to see your completed rubrics at the bottom of the page to help you keep track of which schools you have already judged.

School applications

Full Name of SchoolEntry IDCityProvincePDFRubric
Full Name of SchoolEntry IDCityProvincePDFRubric

User-submitted rubrics

School NameApplication IDTotal PointsDate CreatedLink to Single Entry
School NameApplication IDTotal PointsDate CreatedLink to Single Entry