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Adopt A School 2023 Store Partnership View

IMPORTANT: The schools are sharing sensitive information with us. Please keep it confidential by ensuring that you only discuss it with colleagues. Note, we will provide context on what you can share with supporters as we get closer to September.

NEW THIS YEAR! Schools that applied for the 2023 Literacy Fund Grant were given the opportunity to indicate if they would like to be considered for the Adopt a School program if they were not selected as a grant recipient. Below you will find that the applications have been split into 2 different columns depending on whether the school has only applied for Adopt a School, or if they were also a Literacy Fund Grant applicant.


  • Student voice and need: Across the entire application, is there a thoughtful description of who the students are that would be served through the Adopt A School program? Is there a high level of indicated need that would be well served with books and other educational resources through funding from the Adopt A School program?
  • Usage of funding and impact: Are educators being thoughtful about what they will do with their funding?  Are there deep thoughts on the potential positive impact on literacy across both the school and the community? 
  • Student population:  Consider the size of a school’s indicated student population and factor this with your store’s actual fundraising capacity when selecting a school to support. A helpful exercise may be to consider that every $10 raised during Adopt A School is enough money to purchase a book for one student. So for eg.:  If a school has 380 students- the base fundraising amount your store might aim to achieve would therefore be $3,800.00 ($10.00 x 380 students).
  • Consider partnering with another store:  Stores often choose to partner with a store in their area to help maximize their fundraising capacity to support a  school they are passionate about supporting.  If you are interested in partnering with another store in your area, be sure to reach out to the store’s leadership to collaborate and ensure that each partner indicates that they would like to work together on the selection form.
  • For AAS-specific applications: Does the school indicate well-thought-out and engaging plans for partnering with a store for the Adopt A School fundraising period in the Fall? 
    • For an overview of all the questions the school was asked, click here. Note that schools were not required to answer all the questions.
  1. Access Google Map below: use the map feature below to find your store (yellow icons) and any schools (blue icons) that have applied.
  2. Use the Search functions below to narrow down applications by city, province, French speaking, or First Nations.
    • The search filter uses AND logic, meaning it will build on your search. (ex. searching Toronto + First Nations will only bring up schools in Toronto that have identified they are also First Nations)
    • Click “CLEAR” to remove your search criteria.
  3. Schools were asked to choose a local store they would like to partner with. However, this is only a request and does not mean that the school should not be chosen by another store.
  4. Submit the schools you would like to partner with by visiting the form here or clicking on the button below.
    • You may opt-out of the school selection and allow the LOR team to make the choice. Please use the checkbox on the “Opt-out” question.
  5. Stores that do not respond by EOD Sunday April 19th will be considered as “opted-out” and will be paired with a school by the LOR team.

Want to see if a school has already been chosen by another store? View submitted school selection entries here

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