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St. David Catholic Elementary School

Adopt A School 2022 Store Partnership View

IMPORTANT: The schools are sharing sensitive information with us. Please keep it confidential by ensuring that you only discuss it with colleagues. Note, we will provide context on what you can share with supporters as we get closer to September.

  • You will be asked to provide your first choice, second choice or indicate whether you would like the LOR team to choose a school for you. Our hope is everyone gets their first choice.
  • For an overview of all the questions the school was asked, click here. Note schools were not required to answer all the questions.
  • No single piece of information (or even a collection of data points) gives you a full picture of the community. This information provides context for the school’s experiences as they work to build literacy, but there is always more to learn beyond the words and numbers.
Using this page:
  1. Search and review the PDF applications using the search feature below.
  2. Filter your search by province, french speaking, first nation, and 3-digit store number. The search filter uses AND logic. Click “Reset” to remove your search criteria.
  3. When using the store search, please remember that schools were asked to choose a local store they would like to partner with. However, this is only a request and does not mean that the school can’t be picked by another store.
  4. Submit the schools you would like to partner by visiting the form here.

* You may opt-out of the school selection and allow the LOR team to make the choice. Please visit the form and put the checkbox on the “Opt-out” question.

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Section A: School Information
Full Name of SchoolSt. David Catholic Elementary School
Address33 Cromwell Crescent
Hamilton, Ontario L8G 3E9
School Board or other AffiliationHamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
Grades served by your School
  • JK
  • SK
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
Number of students at your school in eligible Grade Levels450
Does your school have charitable status?No
The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation defines a high-needs school as a Canadian publicly funded elementary school that receives at least 80% of its funding from the provincial or federal government. Does this accurately represent your school funding situation?Yes
Principal Information

Principal Information

NameSam Agro
Phone(905) 560-3533
Secondary Contact Information

Secondary Contact Information

NameAnte Culina
Phone(905) 560-3533
Additional Information
1. Has your school previously participated in the Indigo Adopt A School ProgramNo
2. Has your school been awarded a Literacy Fund grant in the past?No
3. Is your school a French speaking school?No
4. Is your school French Immersion?No
5. Do you have an English-speaking staff member available for correspondence via phone?Yes
6. Is your school a First Nations School?No
7. The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation specifically directs resources to communities in need. Which of the following demographic groups does your school community identify as serving?
  • Low socio-economic
  • Newcomer
8. How did you find out about the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation?
  • indigo.ca
  • In an Indigo, Chapters or Coles store
Section B: Authorized Account RepresentativesThe Foundation now allocates grants through the Adopt A School program in the form of an Indigo Corporate account. Your school is permitted to have up to three (3) authorized account representatives who will have purchasing power on your account. The principal of your school must be one of the designated representatives. In the event that your application is successful, please indicate the other two representatives you would like to have on your account,.we suggest that your Teacher-librarian or library technician are includes as reps.
Contact 1

Contact 1

NameSam Agro
Contact 2

Contact 2

NameAnte Culina
Section C: Selecting your partner store

In the event that your school is selected as an Adopt A School partner, what store location (eg. Indigo, Chapters, Coles, Indigospirit store) in your community would you like to be partnered with to help fundraise for your school library?

Remote/rural schools: We recognize that some recipient schools will be located at a significant distance from a store. We suggest selecting a store that is closest to you geographically if possible.

Section D: Tell us your storyThis section is your opportunity to provide the Foundation and our Indigo partners with the story of your school, students, and community. We want to learn more about the challenges you face in accessing literacy resources, but also the commitment you’ve demonstrated in the face of these challenges. Please be specific as you discuss your local demographics as well as any special programs and/or government/board designations that may exist in your community.
1. Why have you chosen to apply for the Adopt-A-School Program this year?

St. David Catholic Elementary School serves the largest boundary of Elementary Schools in HWCDSB. We are an Equal Opportunity School, where we provide Nutrition Programs, Cooking Workshops, Taste Buds Support, Food 4 Kids. Through these programs, we feed students nutritional food throughout the day, and also provide food packages for the evening and weekends to support families at home. The past few years have been a challenging time for everyone in many aspects. It has been and continues to be a tremendous challenge especially for children and families who may need to rebuild their academic skills. We are a data-driven school and we have completed Literacy Assessments for all of our Primary Grade Students. The weekly Running Record data demonstrates a drastic decline, especially in the area of reading to learn. We have applied and were granted funding to support at-home Reading Programs such as Lexia and Raz Kids. The Teachers have access to student progress as students develop their reading skills. Many of our students have Learning disabilities and remain at a Level 00 in their reading development. We feel that a disconnect from actual Library experiences has regrettably resulted in a decrease in interest of reading. Our goal is to reconnect students with books, to develop a positive relationship with books of interest, and to develop a "reading to learn" attitude, after they "learn to read".

2. What literacy initiatives already exist at your school?

The following are some of our project-based literacy programs at St. David CES.
BIPSA FOCUS: 1. Assessment continuum 2. Differentiation of instruction 3. Inquiry-based learning
FOCUS: (Urgent Student Learning Need) Reading Comprehension and Organization of thoughts.
GOAL STATEMENT: To develop grade level reading and writing skills (sentence structure) with an ongoing focus on vocabulary and mechanics and organization of thoughts.
BIPSA Targeted Action: 2.1 b) Co-construct success criteria with students, through modeling, discussion, questioning, and the use of exemplars, to create precise and attainable descriptors using student-friendly language.
Targeted Actions: If/then statements If we use graphic organizers to develop organization of thought and enhance vocabulary, then students will transfer their thoughts to the end product through modeling (Teacher and peer) and explicit teaching.
How will we know when we have achieved this goal? What evidence will we need to collect? Rubric, Reading Response, Conferencing, Strategic teacher moderation around the writing process to determine gaps.
Resources school will use: Curriculum Department Support
What support/ resources do we need to be successful at implementation? Reading Room, SMART Ideas, Graphic Organizers, Teacher Librarian, OERB online resources, Curriculum documents, Writer's Notebook, more interest books, and Guided Reading texts to support ongoing Running Record data collection.

3. How has literacy at your school been impacted by COVID-19 and how would receiving this grant make a difference?

The past few years have been a challenging time for everyone in many aspects. It has been and continues to be a tremendous challenge especially for children and families who may need to rebuild their academic skills. Additional books would benefit St. David CES by supporting a program where parents and volunteers can come to our Wellness Hub to read with Students . Our Wellness Hub is used to support Mental Health initiatives and one of our foci is to teach children that reading can be used as a form of meditative and reflective practice. Additional books would assist with our Reading Buddies Program in our Wellness Hub, Book Talk Initiative in the Junior/Intermediate Grades, and with our Book Nook section in our Wellness Hub. We also plan to continue our School Wide Book Talk Program where students present a book that aligns with a school goal (Scripture focus for example; Anti-Bullying messages, etc...) Virtually through MS Teams throughout the school. We would also like to invite specific authors, parents, and members of the Community (Pastor, Police Officers, Fire-fighters, Hamilton Public Library reps, etc...) to participate in our live/virtual Book Talks. Having more books would extend the possibility of many reading options.

4. How would you rate reading engagement in your student population?3
Section E: Past Adopt A School participants
Section F: Library Status and future state
1. Does your school have a school library?Yes
2. What percentage of classrooms at your school have classroom libraries?76-100%
3. What was the dollar amount spent on books per student last year?$ 3.00 CAD
4. Approximately what is the average age (in years) of library books in your school?15
5. With additional funding in place through the Adopt A School program, what literacy pillars are you looking to grow in your school library/classroom collections?
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)
  • Reconciliation and/or Indigenous Knowledge
  • Environmental Literacy
Please indicate your response to the following statement: "Our students have equitable access to diverse and representational books and educational resources.”Disagree
Please indicate your response to the following statement: “Our students have equitable access to Indigenous-based reading content.”Strongly Disagree
Please indicate your response to the following statement: “Our students have equitable access to books that interest them and support a love of reading.”Disagree
6a. Please include 1-2 short-term goals that you have for your library learning commons and/or classroom libraries

1) Increase number of books that target interests, especially for boys and gender equality.

2) Increase number of BIPOC books.

6b. Please include 1-2 long-term goals that you have for your library learning commons and/or classroom libraries

1) Diverse selection of key genres and/or subject areas
2) To promote student inquiry by enhancing the library learning commons; and to enhance reading levels by 50% over the next 3 years

7a. Does your school have priorities surrounding diversity/anti-racism?Yes
Section G: Amplifying Awareness and Connecting with your Community
Section G Description
  • One of the main goals of the Adopt A School program is for our Indigo stores and high-needs schools to connect with their surrounding community to generate awareness about the Canadian literacy crisis and about the challenges schools and educators face.
  • A large part of what contributes to fundraising success during the run of the Adopt A School campaign rests on building firm partnerships between schools and their supporting Indigo retail partners in executing a unified vision.

This section of the application will give you a chance to express your ideas and capacity for effectively partnering with a neighboring (or remote) store to communicate your story, as well as promote awareness-raising activities within your own school and parent community.

Partnering with an Indigo store: How would you partner with a neighborhood or remotely-located store to bring your school’s story to life?

Our plan would include poster contests for students to demonstrate what books and and reading mean to them. These posters would be sent to the partnering store for display in the store. The posters would also be posted in neighboring Public Libraries and Community Stores. This would increase awareness of the Reading initiatives at St. David School, while also establishing a positive connection and relationship with the Store. Students are visual learners for the most part, and this would allow for increased awareness and connection. We also plan to invite representatives from the Indigo Store to send weekly greetings virtually through MS Teams; inviting the Indigo team to participate in Kahoot games (online engagement) with individual classes would increase partnership and personal connection between School and Indigo. Links to various awareness initiatives would be posted on our website, Newsletters, weekly Memos, Instagram, Twitter, and pollinated with neighboring Schools and Community venues. Our Student Council plans to create a video to highlight the St. David Story around our "Reading for Wellness" Initiatives.

Generating awareness within your own School and parent community: How would you raise awareness for the Adopt A School program with your members of your School and/or parent community?

Please see the "Partnering with an Indigo Store" section above which align with these initiatives:

Using Raz Kids/Lexia Programs: Reading challenges: engage students in a school-wide reading challenge or students and parents in a home-reading challenge
Read to Succeed Initiative: Fundraisers: School-wide read-a-thons, donation jars in every classroom, etc.
Parent School Council Spring-Fling Reading Barbecue: Hosting a virtual Literacy Night at your school (run in part with your school’s Parent council) to drive awareness of your school’s literacy
Volunteer Reading Buddies with St. John Henry Newman Secondary School Student Council: Connecting with a local high school or Private school to help with fundraising for your school (many high-school students participate in volunteer projects as part of their graduation requirements or participate in Co-op community-based programs)
Reading Competition with a neighboring School: St. Martin of Tours CES

Date CreatedMay 2, 2022