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Literacy Fund Grant

The Literacy Fund Grant promotes and supports literacy initiatives at Canadian high-needs elementary schools through funding the purchase of books and educational resources.

Through the generosity of Indigo, its customers, and its employees, the Foundation grants $1.5 million in library support to high-needs schools across the country each year. Since 2004, 305 high-needs elementary schools have received a Literacy Fund grant. These Literacy Fund grant recipient schools receive funding over a three-year period. For each of the three years, the grant recipient school receives 10% of the grant in the form of cash to spend on special projects that they believe will further promote literacy at their school, such as visits by special guest speakers and other literacy-related events. The grant recipient school receives the remaining 90% of the grant in the form of an Indigo corporate account for the purchase of new books at Indigo, Chapters, and Coles, which are provided at a 30% discount.

The grant cycle begins in the late fall of each year.

Submission Guidelines

Before you start your grant application, please read the submission guidelines:

  • This grant is only for publicly funded elementary schools.
  • This grant supports schools that serve students in junior kindergarten through grade eight. If your school doesn’t have students in any of those grades, your school will not be eligible for a grant. If your school serves ineligible grades (e.g. grades 9 through 12) in addition to eligible grades, the amount of any grant will be determined based on the number of students ineligible Grades.
  • The grant CANNOT be used to pay for salaries, capital investments (playgrounds, building additional rooms, etc.) or textbooks.

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