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Frank W. Begley Public School

Adopt A School 2022 Store Partnership View

IMPORTANT: The schools are sharing sensitive information with us. Please keep it confidential by ensuring that you only discuss it with colleagues. Note, we will provide context on what you can share with supporters as we get closer to September.

  • You will be asked to provide your first choice, second choice or indicate whether you would like the LOR team to choose a school for you. Our hope is everyone gets their first choice.
  • For an overview of all the questions the school was asked, click here. Note schools were not required to answer all the questions.
  • No single piece of information (or even a collection of data points) gives you a full picture of the community. This information provides context for the school’s experiences as they work to build literacy, but there is always more to learn beyond the words and numbers.
Using this page:
  1. Search and review the PDF applications using the search feature below.
  2. Filter your search by province, french speaking, first nation, and 3-digit store number. The search filter uses AND logic. Click “Reset” to remove your search criteria.
  3. When using the store search, please remember that schools were asked to choose a local store they would like to partner with. However, this is only a request and does not mean that the school can’t be picked by another store.
  4. Submit the schools you would like to partner by visiting the form here.

* You may opt-out of the school selection and allow the LOR team to make the choice. Please visit the form and put the checkbox on the “Opt-out” question.

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Section A: School Information
Full Name of SchoolFrank W. Begley Public School
Address1093 Assumption St.
Windsor, Ontario N9A 3C5
School Board or other AffiliationGreater Essex County District School Board
Grades served by your School
  • JK
  • SK
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
Number of students at your school in eligible Grade Levels480
Does your school have charitable status?Yes
The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation defines a high-needs school as a Canadian publicly funded elementary school that receives at least 80% of its funding from the provincial or federal government. Does this accurately represent your school funding situation?Yes
Principal Information

Principal Information

NameTeresa Iandolo
Phone(519) 254-3217
Secondary Contact Information

Secondary Contact Information

NameZeinab Hamadani
Phone(519) 791-3253
Additional Information
1. Has your school previously participated in the Indigo Adopt A School ProgramNo
2. Has your school been awarded a Literacy Fund grant in the past?Yes
What year(s)?
  • 2019
3. Is your school a French speaking school?No
4. Is your school French Immersion?No
5. Do you have an English-speaking staff member available for correspondence via phone?Yes
6. Is your school a First Nations School?No
7. The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation specifically directs resources to communities in need. Which of the following demographic groups does your school community identify as serving?
  • Low socio-economic
  • Newcomer
8. How did you find out about the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation?
  • Other
Section B: Authorized Account RepresentativesThe Foundation now allocates grants through the Adopt A School program in the form of an Indigo Corporate account. Your school is permitted to have up to three (3) authorized account representatives who will have purchasing power on your account. The principal of your school must be one of the designated representatives. In the event that your application is successful, please indicate the other two representatives you would like to have on your account,.we suggest that your Teacher-librarian or library technician are includes as reps.
Contact 1

Contact 1

NameBlake Vickers
TitleVice Principal
Contact 2

Contact 2

NameZeinab Hamadani
Section C: Selecting your partner store

In the event that your school is selected as an Adopt A School partner, what store location (eg. Indigo, Chapters, Coles, Indigospirit store) in your community would you like to be partnered with to help fundraise for your school library?

Remote/rural schools: We recognize that some recipient schools will be located at a significant distance from a store. We suggest selecting a store that is closest to you geographically if possible.

Section D: Tell us your storyThis section is your opportunity to provide the Foundation and our Indigo partners with the story of your school, students, and community. We want to learn more about the challenges you face in accessing literacy resources, but also the commitment you’ve demonstrated in the face of these challenges. Please be specific as you discuss your local demographics as well as any special programs and/or government/board designations that may exist in your community.
1. Why have you chosen to apply for the Adopt-A-School Program this year?

I have chosen to apply for the Adopt-A-School Program this year because, along with the everyday challenges that our students and community faced each day prior to the pandemic, the effects of the pandemic have been especially devastating.
Our school is home to a large number of newcomers who have already overcome so many obstacles in order to travel to a country in which they feel safe, acquire housing that provides a safe space for their families to grow, learn a new language, access transportation, and so on. On top of all of that, they are trying their best to excel in an economy that does not provide much opportunity at the moment. This, however, is not only the case for our newcomers. Many of our students come to school with limited food, improper clothing (e.g., winter coats, shoes, socks), and no school supplies. We have been very fortunate throughout the years to have local community members and businesses reach out in order to help support our breakfast/snack program by donating food and funds, donating coats and backpacks full of school supplies, and providing many other goods that help the majority of our families and students.
Despite all of these challenges, our students have an incredible love of learning, wonder and curiosity about the world. They have been introduced to many stories this year that are both motivational and relatable, and have even met authors through virtual get togethers and Q & As. This is why I feel that they deserve an opportunity to continue to foster their imagination and belief that anything is possible. Our students read stories and are able to transport themselves to a world full of possibilities. They read stories and begin to ask questions about the characters and authors. They read stories and begin to formulate dreams and ideas...they begin to wonder, hope, and aspire to be all that they can be. Even as adults, we know the power of books...the power of words that come together to create sentences...sentences that inspire us to grow and succeed. Having the ability to grow our library and continue to foster our student's love of reading is why I am filling out this application. I hope to be able to provide our students with the opportunity to choose what they read and what types of books they have access to. I want them to have access to books that reflect their ideas/culture/race/religious views/traditions...I want them to be able to relate to characters in stories and see themselves in the struggles and accomplishments of others who share a story that reflects their own personal experiences. Although we are fortunate to have books in our library and classrooms, and have tried our best to ensure that the books are inclusive and reflect our community, we also have to resort to reading stories online and borrowing books from the local library because we do not have access to many books that can be used in order to support our literacy programs.

2. What literacy initiatives already exist at your school?

At our school, we try our best to support our students in their literacy development using a wide variety of programs. As a result of the pandemic and the virtual learning that occurred/continues to take place, there has been a large focus on online resources and programs to help the students. Many of our students use Lexia regularly in order to improve their grammar and reading and writing skills. They also have access to Epic Books which provides a range of online stories to read and listen to, as well as comprehension questions in order to assess their understanding. However, internet is an issue for many at home (and even sometimes at school), so having access to more hard copy books and literacy resources would ensure that this would not be a problem.
We are very fortunate to have an LST on staff that supports students through small group, focused literacy intervention. She works with students at varying levels who are facing challenges in meeting grade level expectations and provides individualized lessons in order to improve their confidence and literacy skills. We also have an ESL teacher that helps support our newcomers in their English Language development, as well as a Literacy Intervention Coach who is able to support small groups of students in all grade levels at our school with their literacy development and overall reading and writing abilities. Access to more books will allow all of these specialized programs to continue to flourish and provide all of the students at our school with more opportunities to explore language and continue to develop and nurture their growing vocabularies, letter/sound recognition, and overall understanding of written texts.

3. How has literacy at your school been impacted by COVID-19 and how would receiving this grant make a difference?

Covid-19 has impacted our literacy programs because we were required to resort to online/virtual resources in order help our students learn, and this unfortunately led to a decrease in the student’s eagerness and willingness to read and engage in language-based instruction. Even in the classroom, we were unable to share resources amongst students within given timeframes, and this made it difficult to assess students effectively and ensure each learner was being allowed a fair time frame to access certain resources. Students were unable to remove books from the library, and once they could, the books would have to be put aside for a period of time before another student was allowed access to them again. This grant would ensure that more students could have access to resources that would increase their language comprehension, and teachers would have more resources to choose from when assessing and providing language instruction. All students learn in a unique way, and I would be honoured to have the opportunity to purchase resources for our school that are accessible to a wide variety of students with varying learning abilities and interests.

4. How would you rate reading engagement in your student population?4
Section E: Past Adopt A School participants
Section F: Library Status and future state
1. Does your school have a school library?Yes
2. What percentage of classrooms at your school have classroom libraries?51-75%
3. What was the dollar amount spent on books per student last year?$ 1,000.00 CAD
4. Approximately what is the average age (in years) of library books in your school?10
5. With additional funding in place through the Adopt A School program, what literacy pillars are you looking to grow in your school library/classroom collections?
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)
  • Reconciliation and/or Indigenous Knowledge
  • Environmental Literacy
Please indicate your response to the following statement: "Our students have equitable access to diverse and representational books and educational resources.”Agree
Please indicate your response to the following statement: “Our students have equitable access to Indigenous-based reading content.”Disagree
Please indicate your response to the following statement: “Our students have equitable access to books that interest them and support a love of reading.”Disagree
6a. Please include 1-2 short-term goals that you have for your library learning commons and/or classroom libraries

Variety- A range of authors and subjects that are a good reflection of our demographic.
Access- More copies of books so that there are decreased wait times for students and teachers.

6b. Please include 1-2 long-term goals that you have for your library learning commons and/or classroom libraries

- To continue to foster the student's imagination and wonder by offering a variety of texts that allow students to make connections to their own lives and to the world around them, while at the same time introducing them to familiar and unfamiliar vocabulary in order to strengthen their oral language as well as their reading/writing abilities.
- To provide resources that motivate students to WANT to learn and read, which will hopefully help increase our comprehension of letters/sounds and of written information.

7a. Does your school have priorities surrounding diversity/anti-racism?Yes
Section G: Amplifying Awareness and Connecting with your Community
Section G Description
  • One of the main goals of the Adopt A School program is for our Indigo stores and high-needs schools to connect with their surrounding community to generate awareness about the Canadian literacy crisis and about the challenges schools and educators face.
  • A large part of what contributes to fundraising success during the run of the Adopt A School campaign rests on building firm partnerships between schools and their supporting Indigo retail partners in executing a unified vision.

This section of the application will give you a chance to express your ideas and capacity for effectively partnering with a neighboring (or remote) store to communicate your story, as well as promote awareness-raising activities within your own school and parent community.

Partnering with an Indigo store: How would you partner with a neighborhood or remotely-located store to bring your school’s story to life?

Our students love creating posters and cards to share with our school community in order to express their gratitude and appreciation. We have also been working with our students to strengthen their technological capabilities, so this would be a great opportunity to highlight their learning by allowing them the opportunity to create a video or picture collage that will serve to represent our diversity and inclusive school and community environment.
We also have many students that are eager and excited to be able to share their stories and successes with others. Many students and families in our school community have endured a great deal of hardships and overcome many struggles in order get to where they are today. They appreciate and welcome support from many agencies, and are extremely grateful for all the opportunities that are made available to them. We are ready to share photos/videos of our students hard at work, reading and writing and communicating in many different ways/languages with their peers and educators, as well as written letters that will highlight their improving literacy skills.

Generating awareness within your own School and parent community: How would you raise awareness for the Adopt A School program with your members of your School and/or parent community?

We will raise awareness within our school and parent community by posting information on our Twitter page as well as in monthly newsletters. We will also take this opportunity to inform our school community about the program by regularly posting pictures and videos of our students and educators using the resources acquired through the program. These will be available on our School/Home communication platform (EDSBY), and will provide an opportunity for families to engage in meaningful conversation about what the students are learning at school.
With an increase in resources, we can also encourage teachers to develop Reading Buddy programs between students of varying grade levels, and provide opportunities for parents to come into our school to read with their children.

Date CreatedMay 30, 2022