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Don Bosco School

Section A: School Information
Full Name of SchoolDon Bosco School
Address13615 Deer Ridge Drive SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 6S7
School Board or other AffiliationThe Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School Division
Grades served by your School
  • JK
  • SK
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
Number of students at your school in eligible Grade Levels241
Does your school have charitable status?No
The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation defines a high-needs school as a Canadian publicly funded elementary school that receives at least 80% of its funding from the provincial or federal government. Does this accurately represent your school funding situation?Yes
Principal Information

Principal Information

NameTara McGovern
Phone(403) 500-2057
Secondary Contact Information

Secondary Contact Information

TitleAssistant Principal
NameMeaghan van Steenbergen
Phone(403) 500-2057
Additional Information
1. Has your school previously participated in the Indigo Adopt A School ProgramNo
2. Has your school been awarded a Literacy Fund grant in the past?No
3. Is your school a French speaking school?No
4. Is your school French Immersion?No
5. Do you have an English-speaking staff member available for correspondence via phone?Yes
6. Is your school a First Nations School?No
7. The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation specifically directs resources to communities in need. Which of the following demographic groups does your school community identify as serving?
  • Low socio-economic
  • Newcomer
8. How did you find out about the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation?
  • A former Love of Reading Literacy Fund grant recipient or applicant
  • Other
Section B: Authorized Account RepresentativesThe Foundation now allocates grants through the Adopt A School program in the form of an Indigo Corporate account. Your school is permitted to have up to three (3) authorized account representatives who will have purchasing power on your account. The principal of your school must be one of the designated representatives. In the event that your application is successful, please indicate the other two representatives you would like to have on your account,.we suggest that your Teacher-librarian or library technician are includes as reps.
Contact 1

Contact 1

NameDesiree McLauglin
TitleOffice Administration
Contact 2

Contact 2

NameMeaghan van Steenbergen
TitleAssistant Principal
Section C: Selecting your partner store

In the event that your school is selected as an Adopt A School partner, what store location (eg. Indigo, Chapters, Coles, Indigospirit store) in your community would you like to be partnered with to help fundraise for your school library?

Remote/rural schools: We recognize that some recipient schools will be located at a significant distance from a store. We suggest selecting a store that is closest to you geographically if possible.

Section D: Tell us your storyThis section is your opportunity to provide the Foundation and our Indigo partners with the story of your school, students, and community. We want to learn more about the challenges you face in accessing literacy resources, but also the commitment you’ve demonstrated in the face of these challenges. Please be specific as you discuss your local demographics as well as any special programs and/or government/board designations that may exist in your community.
1. Why have you chosen to apply for the Adopt-A-School Program this year?

As the principal of Don Bosco School, I am passionate about doing the best for my students and giving them every chance to be their best. I became principal of Don Bosco in August 2021 and with my fresh eyes, I see the need for resources in the school. The school community is one of complex and diverse learners. We support students from various socioeconomic backgrounds that includes families is Calgary housing and subsidized housing. Like many communities, the pandemic has caused gaps in learning and student literacy/numeracy. This is the ideal year to be the recipient of such a generous grant.
Due to language barriers, low literacy and multiple jobs and/or shift work, parents don't always have the ability or time to help with school work. Most of our students do not complete homework. Some of our teachers open their classrooms outside of class time so that students can choose to receive additional support. Very few students do access the Calgary Public Library. In a recent meeting with a parent, it was suggested that accessing the library was a good way to support their child. The parent responded that they were too busy because of working nights and it was a struggle. Providing food and shelter is the priority for many parents. If we had enough classroom literacy resources, we could further promote reading to a sibling and/or for enjoyment in addition to at school support.

2. What literacy initiatives already exist at your school?

To support literacy:
All elementary classes employ Daily 5. Teachers were trained 3 years ago and new teachers have been trained when they've come to Don Bosco
Small Intervention groups in grades 1-3 to close literacy gaps
Small multi-age reading groups of grades 4-6 to support reading strategies
Home reading programs
Buddy reading groups (just begun again with Covid cohort groups expanded) between division III students and division I students
Storytime in the Learning Commons
Recently applied to the Calgary Public Library Crime Not to Read Program for the 2022-23 school year

3. How has literacy at your school been impacted by COVID-19 and how would receiving this grant make a difference?

Absolutely literacy has been impacted by Covid-19! In 2021-22, Don Bosco had numerous mandated isolation periods. The inconsistency of attendance made at home learning and in school learning excessively challenging. We can see the impact this year with our students' continue struggles. Further to last year, this year has also been impacted because of the wave of infection for students and staff. Now wIth individual students away, they return trying to "catch up"while the class has continued with the curriculum in class or with a guest teacher because the teacher has had to stay home. Classes are a range of at least two years below grade level and due to our community complexity, only to grade level. While we focus on literacy, we also knew that we have to first support our students executive functioning which is now impaired. With the lack of structure at times, students struggle to focus, stay seated, self regulate and follow directions so we have to focus on increasing their stamina. This means, we are managing multiple and complex needs in addition to literacy. Don Bosco being the recipient of this grant will really support resources for small groups/intervention groups because we have enough resources to disperse amongst the classes. as well, it increases our learning common resources and student access to favourites that increase reading interest.

4. How would you rate reading engagement in your student population?3
Section E: Past Adopt A School participants
Section F: Library Status and future state
1. Does your school have a school library?Yes
2. What percentage of classrooms at your school have classroom libraries?51-75%
3. What was the dollar amount spent on books per student last year?$ 4.00 CAD
4. Approximately what is the average age (in years) of library books in your school?7
5. With additional funding in place through the Adopt A School program, what literacy pillars are you looking to grow in your school library/classroom collections?
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)
  • Reconciliation and/or Indigenous Knowledge
  • Environmental Literacy
Please indicate your response to the following statement: "Our students have equitable access to diverse and representational books and educational resources.”Disagree
Please indicate your response to the following statement: “Our students have equitable access to Indigenous-based reading content.”Disagree
Please indicate your response to the following statement: “Our students have equitable access to books that interest them and support a love of reading.”Agree
6a. Please include 1-2 short-term goals that you have for your library learning commons and/or classroom libraries

With a PK-9 population: to provide a variety of reading material to support the wide range of readers in age, interest and level. Graphic novels for resistant readers, novel series for those who want to read, picture books and readers that support language development by learning phonemic awareness, phonics. vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

6b. Please include 1-2 long-term goals that you have for your library learning commons and/or classroom libraries

To increase the resources for our students to develop a love of reading as well as support an increase in resource access which in turn will allow for continued Intervention groups and multi-age reading groups.

7a. Does your school have priorities surrounding diversity/anti-racism?Yes
Section G: Amplifying Awareness and Connecting with your Community
Section G Description
  • One of the main goals of the Adopt A School program is for our Indigo stores and high-needs schools to connect with their surrounding community to generate awareness about the Canadian literacy crisis and about the challenges schools and educators face.
  • A large part of what contributes to fundraising success during the run of the Adopt A School campaign rests on building firm partnerships between schools and their supporting Indigo retail partners in executing a unified vision.

This section of the application will give you a chance to express your ideas and capacity for effectively partnering with a neighboring (or remote) store to communicate your story, as well as promote awareness-raising activities within your own school and parent community.

Partnering with an Indigo store: How would you partner with a neighborhood or remotely-located store to bring your school’s story to life?

Create storyboards of favourite books
Students doing a choral reading of a favourite story
Artwork of favourite scenes in a story
Trifolds of student stories/pictures of characters
Tableaus of favourite story scenes
Dress as your favourite character and share the pictures

Generating awareness within your own School and parent community: How would you raise awareness for the Adopt A School program with your members of your School and/or parent community?

Community social media pages
Promotion and sharing with a sister school
Post on the outside school sign
Displays on parent/teacher conference night
Promotion at student led conferences
Share with other schools in the district at principal meetings. area meetings

Date CreatedMay 4, 2022