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Indigo Love of Reading Foundation x Skipping Stone Foundation

June 17, 2021


The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is empowering children and changing lives through books. Children and young adults in the 2SLGBTQI community, especially those who are racialized, are often underrepresented in the books they read, and in the media they consume. To help address this gap, we partnered with Skipping Stone Foundation—a nationally recognized agency that connects Trans and gender diverse youth, adults, and families with comprehensive, low barrier access to support they need and deserve—to provide youth with limited access to resources to 2SLGBTQI books to ensure all individuals feel seen, represented and supported. In partnership with Skipping Stone Foundation, we created a list of must-read children’s books for Pride.


11 Must-Read Books for Pride

curated by Skipping Stone Foundation & Indigo Love of Reading Foundation