Read for the Planet Eco Challenge

Read for the Planet Eco Challenge

READ FOR THE PLANET is an environmental literacy program designed to support K-8 educators unlock the power of reading to inspire young changemakers to learn more about environmental issues and take action in their school communities. We successfully launched the program as a pilot last year that reached over 1,500 students in 60+ schools across Canada.  For more details on the work we did with schools, see HERE. 

THIS YEAR we are making a special pledge to support and champion environmental stewardship within the schools in our community network.  We are inviting all elementary schools that have a special ecology focus that involves a strong reading and learning component to participate in our READ FOR THE PLANET ECO CHALLENGE! Schools completing the challenge will be eligible to win funding to support eco-themed libraries in their school and classroom libraries at the end of the school year! 


Step 1:

Check out our Read for the Planet educator resources on our Children’s literacy resources page HERE  (available in English and French)

Step 2: Watch our training session

On February 28th our team co-facilitated a virtual professional development training session with the Critical Thinking Consortium to support educators in making the most of the Read for the Planet resources in their classrooms.

Check out the video HERE

Step 3: Review the challenge

Take the time to review the Read for the Planet eco-challenge criteria and questions HERE

Step 4: Submit your eco-challenge

Submit your eco-challenge by May 31st HERE

Children’s literacy resources

To learn more about the wealth of children’s literacy resources we have available, please visit our resource page HERE 

Please reach out to our team with any questions about Read for the Planet and Eco challenge at