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Adopt a School FAQs


1. How do I find a school to support?

You can find a school to support through the Find a School tool located HERE.

2. What are the different ways that I can support a school?

In-store: Each school has been paired with an Indigo store that will be collecting money for their adopted school from September 14th to October 6th, 2019.

Online: Schools have selected 50 books that were loaded onto a registry for them at indigo.ca. For every unique title that is purchased from a school’s registry, Indigo will donate a second copy of the same book to that school.

3. How do I purchase a book from a school’s registry?

a) Find the school’s profile via the Find a School search

b) Click the registry link located on the school’s profile page

c) Add books from the registry to your cart on indigo.ca

d) When you are ready to make your purchase, click “Checkout Now” or the Shopping Cart icon on the top right of the screen.

NOTE: Purchases from an Adopt a School Registry cannot be combined with personal purchases as there is no way to split an order to go to multiple addresses. Orders under $25 may require donors to pay shipping costs.

e) Click “Proceed to Checkout”

f) Select “Ship to a Registry Address”

4. Do I need to know the school address to send a book from the registry?

No. School addresses are already attached to the registry. You simply have to select “Ship to a Registry Address” during checkout.

5. How do I know if someone has bought something from the registry?

When a book has been purchased the item will show as “Wish Fulfilled”.

6. What do I do if all the books on the registry have been purchased?

Supporters can still purchase copies of the books on the registry, but Indigo will only match the first 50 unique titles that have been purchased.

7. How long do I have to purchase a book off the registry?

Registries will be open to supporters from September 14, 2019 – Oct 6, 2019.



1. I no longer want to receive emails from the Adopt a School program, how do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from our email communications by clicking here.

2. What is the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation?

Since 2004, the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation has been dedicated to putting books in the hands of Canadian children of eligible* high-needs elementary schools. This is part of our commitment to transforming the lives of children across the country by inspiring in them a love of reading. Together with Indigo, its customers and its employees, we have provided over $31 million to over 3,000 schools, impacting more than 1,000,000 children.

*Generally, an eligible school receives at least 80% of its funding from the provincial or federal government and serve students in at least one of the following grades: Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, and Grades 1 through Grade 8. If more than 20% of school funding comes from other sources, please reach out to the Adopt a School team at adoptaschool@indigo.ca.

3. What is the Adopt a School program?

The Indigo Adopt a School program is an annual fundraising campaign that takes place over the course of three weeks each fall. This program is a terrific resource for high-needs Canadian elementary schools hoping to raise funds in support of their library!

Each participating school will be “adopted” by an Indigo, Chapters or Coles store, who will fundraise in-store on the adopted school’s behalf for the three weeks of the Adopt a School program. The program will also have a way for supporter to donate to your school online, with more details on the online program to come later this spring.

4. How do you determine what elementary schools are high-needs?

The Foundation defines a high-needs school as a Canadian publicly funded elementary school that receives at least 80% of its funding from the provincial or federal government, that has a library budget of less than $30 per year per student, and where the school’s leadership identifies themselves as needing additional support for their school library and books more generally.

5. Why does the Foundation choose to focus on high-needs elementary schools?

Every child needs access to new and engaging books to develop the literacy skills that are critical for educational success and to inspire a love of reading. Due to insufficient funding for Canadian elementary school libraries, many children cannot access these new and engaging books.

The Foundation works to provide books to these schools with the goal that all Canadian children have access to the resources they need to develop strong literacy skills. By providing support to eligible high-needs elementary schools, we are equipping principals, librarians and teachers with the resources that are critical for promoting educational success and inspiring a love of reading.

6. Do you keep a portion of my Adopt a School donation?

No. Each participating school will receive every dollar raised to support their school library.

7. Do schools participating in the program receive a discount on books?

Indigo provides a 30% discount off the list price on books to all schools that participate in the Adopt a School program when they are using funds raised during the program.

8. What else is Indigo doing in the community to support schools and children’s literacy?

Through the generosity of Indigo, its customers and its employees, the Foundation grants $1.5 million in library support to high-needs schools across the country each year. Since 2004, over 275 high-needs elementary schools have received a Literacy Fund grant. These Literacy Fund grant recipient schools receive funding over a three-year period. For each of the three years, the grant recipient school receives 10% of the grant in the form of cash to spend on special projects that they believe will further promote literacy at their school, such as visits by special guest speakers and other literacy-related events. The grant recipient school receives the remaining 90% of the grant in the form of an Indigo corporate account for the purchase of new books at Indigo, Chapters and Coles, which are provided at a 30% discount.



1. How do I update my school’s profile?

It’s very important to keep your school’s contact information up to date so you don’t miss any essential updates about the program. You can update your school’s profile information by logging in to your Educator Portal account and clicking “edit” under “Account Information.”

2. I forgot my password for the website, how can I reset it?

Visit the login page of your Educator Portal and click “Forgot password.” A temporary password will be issued to the email address you used when creating an educator profile.

3. My school has participated in previous years’ Adopt a School program. How do we access the funds raised for our school library?

Funds raised in past Adopt a School programs were distributed to your school in Indigo eGiftcards, which continue to be available in your school’s former Adopt a School online account. You can download them at any time to go shopping for new books by completing the following:

  1. Login to your school profile on the former Adopt a School website here: https://adoptaschool.indigo.ca/eng/signup
  2. Click ME in the upper right corner
  3. Click on Admin – this will direct you to your School Dashboard
  4. Click on Payouts
  5. Click Download to Shop on each eGiftcard – feel free to print this and use it in store or online at Indigo.ca

Note: If this is the first time you have visited the Payouts tab, for security reasons you’ll be asked to change your password and confirm your email address. Once you’ve completed those two steps, log back in and you’ll find your eGiftcards under Payouts.


Applications for the 2019 Adopt a School program closed on May 10, 2019.

We will begin accepting applications for the next Adopt a School program in April 2020.